CHINA – Some transportation we can use to get around in China.

I found that you can find youtube of landings into different airports.  This one is a nice landing into Shanghi airport – beautiful sunny day. – Click on : Landing at Shanghai   to see the landing.

There is a very fast train in China. You can click on this link –  information on high speed train. but  click on this to see what it is like to ride on it.



The World is big and filled with wonderful places to see, great food to eat, and people to meet. I want to take Elias, Damien, and Bri to some of these places this year. Each month or so you will each receive a box with gifts from the place we visit. I will share with you some of the most interesting facts I found and tell you how we have to get around. Please share with me your thoughts as you explore with me.

We will pick places to travel and learn as we explore.

Your Christmas package includes items to get us prepared.  I am sending sample money from around the world.  I included stamps from far away places.  I have given you a genuine passport cover but the passport inside is just for our own fun.  Each month or two I will send another box about travel to another unique place.  I will send a sticker stamp that you can add to your passport.  I will send photos you can put in an album.  This website will include some awesome links so I can share some of the coolest things I found.   

I want you to know the customs for eating and some of the types of foods people enjoy in these places.  I want you to have a feel for what it is like in the “tourist” spots but also the more rural areas where the “regular” people live.  I hope you can see the differences in how we live in the USA and how people live in other lands.  

I have an email that you can send information directly to me:

Please let me know what your interests are.  I know that Elias loves Kung Fu.  I know that Damien loves cars.  I need to know more about what you like, Bri.   Let’s have a wonderful time together as we Explore our World together.