Land Down Under in the Land Down Under

There is a town in Australia where people live underground, well about half the people do. They live underground because the surface above ground is just so hot. They live in this inhospitable area because they benefit from the mining of opals. This town is called Coober Pedy (meaning “white man in a hole”). Here is a site that describes the underground nature of the town. Be sure and watch the video link on this site!  It is so COOL!

There are different accommodations for tourists who desire a stay in Coober Pedy. Although there are traditional hotels above ground, I found this one and think we would want to stay in something like this. Staying underground would be a unique experience for me. Have you ever slept underground?

There are some interesting things to do while visiting. Some people take an flight over the lowest natural point in Australia. Depending on the time of year you could see a huge lake surrounded by wildlife or you could see a giant salt pan.lake-eyre-april-2017a

(credit – Wrightsair)

Other people sign up to play glow golf. Golfing in the heat of the day wouldn’t be fun but using glow-in-the-dark golf balls might be a pretty neat experience.

Another cool way to get to know the area and the people is to do a “Mail run” with the mailman (no, not a literal run). Here is a link to the site concerning the mail run. I love to take photographs and think this would be an awesome thing to do as a photographer.

Lest we forget – the whole reason for this unusual town is the OPAL. The opal formation begins with the fact that this land was previously under the sea. Watch this youtube to learn about how the opal comes to be. Make sure you stick with it so you can learn about the opal dinosaur!