Check out Kids Web Japan website!

There is a fun website called Kids Web Japan  Please  go to their site and explore.

I became curious about Jump Rope in Japan while looking at the site and, of course, had to find out more.  Watch this fun video to see a whole bunch of kids completing a jump rope challenge.  You might think this is simple but just imagine how the person closest to the people holding the jump rope must have the perfect alignment to complete this.

The Kids Web Japan is part of a larger web site called Web Japan and this main site has lots of awesome stuff as well.  The entire platform of information is created by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I have found that there are lots of blogs/pages created by individuals in Japan that share information about life in the country.   Like individuals here, it is possible to begin a career in an industry by posting talent on youtube.  Kenshi Yonezu is a pop star currently high on the music charts who began by producing and posting his music on youtube under the name Hachi.  Here is a link to his current high ranking song “Peace Sign”.

Have fun exploring the internet about Japan.  Travel is fun but exploring from home can be a blast too.